Durga Dance / Belly Dance with Victoria

Belly dancing and fire dancing performances and lessons based in Kelowna and the Okanagan.

Welcome to Durga Dance / Belly Dance with Victoria!

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Now based in the lovely Okanagan, Durga Dance offers professional fire dancing and belly dancing performances for events of all sizes. We teach belly dance and fire dancing from beginner to advanced through classes and workshops.  

 Winter 2023 Classes

From the hypnotic effects of fire, to the danger and exhilaration of swords... sparkly, flowing Oriental dance, and raqs sharqi, to energetic and entertaining Fat Chance Style belly dance... we offer an array of experiences to entertain and enthral.  

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Some of what we can provide for your event: 

Fire Dancing and Poi

From large theatrical performances to LED light indoor shows - we will design a performance to suit your event!

The safety of the audience and our performers is our top priority. All of our performers are trained to deliver a safe and awesome show!  

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Scott Prokop Photography 2013 

Fat Chance Belly Dance 

A dramatic, improvised group dance style, that can include high energy fast pieces, sword balancing, slinky, slow pieces and even audience participation. 

Middle Eastern / Belly Dance

Our repertoire includes many styles of dance from Egypt, North Africa, Turkey, the Balkans, and the Middle East, from folkloric to modern and pop. We also use the knowledge and inspiration of these styles to create  new interpretations of belly dance that are entertaining, and build on good technique, musicality, and expression of emotion.




Hindu goddess Durga annihilates all defilements, protects from all fears and grants success.

Durga (Devi) personifies the path of action and the Shakti tradition. The gods get her to use her wrathful energy to annihilate demons, demonic forces and other bad stuff.

The Durga Mantra:

Om Hrim Dhum Durga Deviya Nama